What to pack

Preparing for every scenario is always tempting when packing, especially when you’re venturing into the unknown. So before you pack your life into a suitcase, remember an In2thewild escape is all about simplifying and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

Take this as an opportunity to only take your essentials – and no your laptop doesn’t count, those emails can wait until you return. Tiny house living serves as a stark reminder that we really don’t need much to get by. In addition, living simply has been proven to reduce stress and improve our overall mental health. That’s why we’ve created this short guide to help you pack light.


  1. Toothbrush & toothpaste
    We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap at our houses, but you’ll need to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
  2. Skin essentials
    Whether you practice a 25 step skincare regime, or you prefer a simple wash and go routine, just don’t forget your sunblock.
  3. Comfy clothes & a few layers
    Check the weather before you go, and consider having some layering options as the temperature can drop at night.
  4. Thick socks & sturdy shoes.
    Mud, uneven ground and exploring are all part of the fun so make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.
  5. Rainwear & umbrella
    Don’t let a little rain stop you from exploring.

Rewilding Necessities

  1. That book you’ve been meaning to read
    The one that popped straight into your mind, you know the one, you’ve started multiple times? This is your chance to get lost in it.
  2. Camera
    We recommend a full digital detox. Go old-school with a film camera.
  3. Journal or sketchbook
    You never know when inspiration might strike.
  4. Drawing or painting essentials
    Create your own souvenir and see where your imagination takes you.
  5. Tupperware
    In case you make too much food and want to bring it home with you. Don’t let it go to waste.