Five Perks of Solo Travel.

Solo travel is on the rise and we can see why. Making time to reconnect with yourself and nature in the crazy hustle and bustle of life has some incredible perks. 

Perk 1: You do you!

The best thing about solo travelling is that you can do EXACTLY what you want to! No need to compromise! Ever travelled with a friend who is on a completely different level to you? It’s go, go, go and all you can think is no, no, no! Solo travelling means you get to pick your destination, your activities, your down time and your up time! How good is that!

Perk 2: Grow through gratitude

Travelling solo allows you to connect more fully with your surroundings. Without any distractions from others, you begin to notice and appreciate the natural world around you. From the birds chirping away, to the smell of the beautiful eucalyptus trees, and the rustling of insects working their way through the ground. The natural world is a beautiful thing and when you slow down to notice it, it sure makes you grateful for our mother earth.

Perk 3: Improve your navigation skills

For those that take a backseat when it comes to navigation, solo travel means there is only numero uno to work out where to go! It may be daunting at first, but most people surprise themselves at what they can achieve when they have to. So pick up that map and get on your way!

Perk 4: Connect with yourself

Travelling on your own allows you to reflect on where you’re at in your life. Slowing down and listening to your own thoughts without all life’s interferences is a powerful gift to yourself. You can work through those niggling questions in the back of your mind. Do you feel fulfilled with your current life? Are there special projects you’ve always put on the backburner that you can make time for? Are you happy in your current job? Time alone gives you an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and work through what is truly important to you.

Perk 5: Gain confidence

Travelling solo does wonders for your confidence. Of course there are many benefits to travelling with others, and generally having a close network you can rely on to get through life. But knowing if you have to, you can manage on your own, can be really empowering. Maybe your husband always gets the campfire going, or your friend always packs the insect repellant. But who’s to say you can’t do it all! Give it a go and see how your confidence grows.

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