Terms and Conditions

General statement of caution

You are responsible for your own safety and for having basic wilderness survival skills (e.g. do not approach wild animals, do not leave food out, etc. Neither In2thewild nor the Landowner are liable for personal injury or damage to personal property, including vehicles, due to exposure to inclement weather or rural, rugged settings. By booking with In2thewild, you recognise and accept this responsibility and affirm you have these general skills.



Check-in from 3:00pm. Note that the Tiny Houses are not always easy to find (especially in the dark), so you should plan your trip to arrive prior to sunset. You must follow the supplied route and park in the designated area. You must not attempt to drive off the supplied route and you will be responsible for all losses or damages caused if you do not follow the directions supplied.



You should leave the Tiny House before or at 11:00 am sharp. Our cleaners require access to the property from 11:00 am as they are operating on a tight schedule. Leaving after 11:00 am without prior authorisation will result in you being charged for an extra night. If you need to leave the location at a later time, please contact In2thewild prior to your arrival and ask if this is possible. We will try to meet your request but cannot guarantee late checkouts.



On the day of your departure, you should leave the Tiny House clean and tidy with all waste removed from the property. Please leave and lock the door behind you, after making sure that you have all your personal belongings. In2thewild is not responsible for returning any personal belongings left behind after check-out but will try and accommodate their return.



The property will be cleaned prior to each guest’s arrival. If there are any cleanliness issues when you arrive, you agree to notify In2thewild of them as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken.

Before leaving, you are required to leave the property in a clean condition, i.e. take all rubbish with you, clean any cooking utensils and the BBQ (if used) and tidy any rubbish or unreasonable mess created in or around the Tiny House. The removal of rubbish after your stay will incur an extra cleaning fee of $35 per bag. In2thewild reserves the right to charge the guest an additional fee for any extra cleaning.



The WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in early 2020 and its consequences and risks are now well known to all. As a result we no longer offer an independent COVID-19 policy and our standard change and cancellation policies apply. We encourage you to consider travel insurance prior to booking.


Change Policy

All changes to your booking must be made via email.


Refund policy

Change – greater than 21 days

$25 processing fee.

Change – less than 21 days

No changes permitted.

Whilst we cannot facilitate changes to your booking within 21 days we do permit name changes for a $25 fee.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations to your booking must be made via email.


Refund policy

Cancel – greater than 21 days

$25 processing fee.

Cancel – less than 21 days

No refund or change permitted.


Non-Refundable Payments

Please note that all payments made by promotional coupons, gift cards, service NSW vouchers, etc can not be exchanged for cash or transferred to another party or used in conjunction with any other offer. Therefore, this portion of the funds becomes non-refundable upon redemption and can not be refunded should you choose to cancel your reservation regardless of the cancellation notice period. 

Please note that we will not offer refunds for guests who depart early. We reserve the right to cancel “no shows”. All monies paid will be forfeited.



Our properties are maintained and cleaned regularly; however, wildlife is common in the country and coastal areas. In2thewild nor the Landowner accept any liability (nor will we issue a refund or credit) for the unfortunate or seasonal visits of any animals, wildlife, insects or bugs, including, but not limited to; cattle, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, birds, mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, ticks, leeches and rodents.

The guest agrees to take appropriate safety measures to prevent negative interactions with wildlife in the area. This includes, but is not limited to, not engaging with wild animals, keeping food out of reach, keeping the site clean, and securing all personal items. You are not permitted to harm the land or the natural habitat of any wildlife in any way. In2thewild nor the Landowner are liable for any personal injury due to animals, wildlife, insects or bugs. The guest is expected to take necessary steps of precaution against these animals & insects.


Weather or other circumstances

Please note that we are unable to guarantee in-house heating or cooling due to being off-grid. Most houses are equipped with fans and heaters, and many now have air-conditioning, however they are powered by the solar so be mindful of your usage.

We cannot consider or offer refunds due to adverse or inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance to cover your reservation for severe weather (high/low weather, rain, hail, wind etc) and/or natural disasters. Please note that travel insurance will not cover any change in plans or disinclination to travel on your part due to rain or overcast weather.



Due to the off-grid location of our tiny houses you will sometimes be required to park in a designated parking area some distance from the tiny house and walk the remainder of the journey. Whilst we will endeavour to inform you prior to your stay, you will be required to assess the track upon arrival and take responsibility for driving your vehicle safely. In the event that you fail to park in the designated parking area or correctly assess the track and become stuck, you will be responsible for organising and paying for the tow of your vehicle out of the location. Our land partners may be able to assist you if you become bogged in some cases for a fee of $150. 

Failure to follow our pre-arrival instructions may result in damage to your vehicle and the land. Any costs associated with damage to the land will be incurred by you at your own expense.

Location Change or Cancellation by In2thewild

In2thewild reserves the right to move any property at any time. If an In2thewild unit must be moved in advance of an upcoming booking, we will make every attempt to inform the guest of the location change before their stay. In the event we are unable to accommodate the change and must cancel your booking we will issue you with a full credit for a future stay.

Equipment and facilities provided

While we strive to make sure you have the best possible stay, the off-grid nature of our business means we occasionally have issues with water, heat, gas and power. Our Customer Support team are on hand to support you through these issues, in the unlikely event they arise, but we, therefore, do not guarantee that you will have any of these items during your stay and recommend you bring essentials with you.

All equipment and facilities are provided at the discretion of In2thewild and while every attempt is made to ensure that such equipment is in working order for the duration of the rental period, should a breakdown or some other situations occur that renders non-essential element unusable, In2thewild does not take responsibility for replacing or refunding the guest for the lack of use of this equipment or facilities. The equipment and facilities referred to include (but are not exclusive to) such items as stove, toilet, shower, fridge, running water, BBQ and sink.

The guest must report any inoperative or defective equipment to In2thewild immediately. We will make every reasonable effort to have repairs made as soon as possible. While every attempt will be made to ensure that all the advertised equipment and appliances are in working order at the commencement of a rental period, no reduction of rent, rebate, or refund will be issued for a mechanical failure of any appliances.

In some houses we provide air-conditioning and heating units. These are heavy power usage units and as such we cannot guarantee the length of their functionality during your stay. We endeavour to provide 3 hours of heating / cooling per day however the actual length of their usage will vary depending on the ambient temperature and the amount of power generated by the sun.



In2thewild reserves the absolute and unfettered right to ban campfires at any time. This right extends beyond local fire bans and may be enforced regardless of local weather conditions.

Any guest who lights a fire during either a fire ban period or after they have been instructed not to by In2thewild may be removed from the property and will not be refunded any portion of their stay.

All campfires must be contained within the designated fire pit area, and you are responsible for complying with local fire regulations and general safety considerations (including, amongst other things, observing total fire bans). If it is windy, guests must not light a fire under any circumstances.

Even when campfires are permitted, you must do everything you can to ensure the safe enjoyment of the campfire, and that you do not create any risks to property, people and animals (including, but not limited to the Tiny House, the property and neighbouring properties).

Fire regulations by state can be found at the below links. When lighting fires you must (1) only use the designated permanently constructed fire-pit, (2) ensure there is no debris within 2m of the fire and (3) completely extinguish the fire before leaving the site or going to bed – this includes ensuring all coals and embers are completely extinguished. When it is not safe to light the campfire you are welcome to use the bbq (if it is safe to do so), or the internal stove only.

Fire restriction info by state:

NSW: http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/

VIC: https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/

Qld: https://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/

SA: https://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/



If you do not follow the instructions relating to the compost toilet In2thewild reserves the right to charge for any costs associated with restoring the toilet to normal operating standards. This includes (amongst other things), a $2,000 repair and servicing charge for placing any sanitary or other products (other than toilet paper) down the toilet.



Please note that you are liable for any damages caused by you or your accompanying party. This includes damage to the Tiny House, surrounding land, landowner assets; damage to or loss of animals (including both wildlife and livestock); and/or failure to properly exit the house (e.g. failure to close windows, lock the door, leave the key in the correct location, turn off the gas, turn off the water etc.)


Code of conduct

Please note that in addition to our T&C’s, you are responsible for adhering to the HRIA Code of Conduct, by which we also abide.


Preparation for arrival

You are expected to familiarise yourself with In2thewild’s policies and get in touch with our team if you have any questions before check-in. We will prepare your Tiny House for check-in and can be prepared to help with your arrival. Your confirmation email states contact information for In2thewild, should you need it.


Number and identity of guests

The guest should inform In2thewild of the number of guests in the booking and may be required to pay for any additional guests if the number exceeds two. Only those persons indicated in the booking made by the guest may enter the property, unless an alternative agreement has been reached with In2thewild. The number of guests using the property should not exceed the number assigned to each Tiny House, except for in the case of infants under the age of two.

Individuals booking a reservation on behalf of their guest are encouraged to use the contact information of their guest and otherwise assume the responsibility of relaying all reservation instructions and details to their guest.


Minimum age

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guests are required to use a credit card in their own name in order to book a cabin. No illegal substances or underage drinking are permitted at the property. In2thewild will not be held responsible for underage drinking, and violations of this policy will result in immediate expulsion from the premises without refund, and the involvement of law enforcement.



Please refer to our Pet T&C’s.


Parties or Unruly, disruptive and destructive behaviour and criminal activity are prohibited. 

Phone and internet

Phone reception is never guaranteed and internet services are never provided.



Smoking is not permitted inside the Tiny House and must be done responsibly at a minimum distance of 10 meters from the building. Litter is not permitted on the land, and the guest must clean up all cigarette butts responsibly and safely. If it becomes clear that you have smoked or taken illegal substances in the Tiny House without express written permission we will charge you a $2,000 cleaning fee.



We lease land from wonderful farmers and rural landowners in Australia. From time to time these leases end and therefore we may need to move our Tiny Houses from one location to another. In the event of a change in location, you may receive an email letting you know that your Tiny House has been moved.



The guest agrees to read and abide by all rules specific to their booking, which may vary by unit and location. These rules must be read and agreed to before booking confirmation. In2thewild will also place the rules inside each Tiny House, accessible to the guest. If rules are not abided by, In2thewild reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the property and pay for any necessary damages as a result of the guests’ disregard for these rules.



By booking with In2thewild, guests also agree to subscribe to our mailing list. Guests may unsubscribe at any time.


Cookies and website usage

When guests visit In2thewild, In2thewild collects standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns in order to find out the number of visitors to various parts of the site and to improve our web presence. We collect this information in a way that does not personally identify anyone. Most web browsers allow for some control of cookies through the browser settings. By visiting our website the guest agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, actions, damages, costs and expenses including legal fees arising from or in connection with their use of our website.

When the guest visits our website, we provide a limited license to access and use our information for personal use only. The guest is not permitted to copy, mirror, reproduce, republish or display any of the information on this website without our express prior written permission.

In2thewild takes no responsibility for the content and maintenance of privacy compliance by any website linked from or to our website. Any link on our website to another does not imply our endorsement or support of the operator of the website nor of any information, service or products which they provide.

In2thewild undertakes to take all due care with any information which the guest may provide to us when accessing our website. However, we do not warrant and cannot ensure the security of any information which the guest may provide to us. While we undertake to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of any information transmitted to us, it is entirely at the guest’s own risk.



The guest will not hold In2thewild or the landowner responsible for any personal injury or direct or indirect damages caused to the Tiny House or land as a consequence of use. This includes damages, insurance, loss due to misadventure, fire, theft, injury (whether occurring inside the Tiny House or on the surrounding property), and misconduct. The guest provides their guarantee that they will indemnify and hold In2thewild and the landowner harmless from all claims, actions, damages, costs and expenses including legal fees arising from or in connection with any person accompanying the guest during their stay.

In the event that the guest fails to comply with the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, In2thewild reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the unit and property, and the guest in question cannot request any form of compensation.

The guest, on submitting these terms and conditions, agrees to behave responsibly and correctly on behalf of their accompanying party as well as themselves, and acknowledge that they and their guests will absolve In2thewild and the landowner from any liability associated with the damages or injuries. If this person, or any of the accompanying party behaves in an unsuitable and incorrect manner, In2thewild reserves the right to ask the person and their accompanying party to leave the Tiny House. Furthermore, from that moment on they will have no right to future claims or any form of compensation. Finally, the guest will lose all payments made including the Tiny House rental and any extras they prepaid for. May we remind you that on booking a Tiny House with In2thewild you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions, which we expect you to comply with.

Foot-and-mouth Disease

Following official action imposed by the Australian Government regarding the recent Indonesian outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, we are introducing immediate precautions to ensure the protection of our land partner’s livestock.  

Affecting the health of hoofed animals only (cattle, horses, sheep, goats ect), foot-and-mouth disease poses significant risk to Australia’s livestock industry.

Effective 29th July 2022, any guest staying with in2thewild must disclose if they are returning from Indonesia within 72 hours of their booking with us.

If you intend to travel from Indonesia within 72 hours from your stay, we ask that you reconsider your travel dates prior to booking.

Due to the risk that this disease can pose to our land partners and their livelihood, if you have disclosed that you have returned from Indonesia within 72 hours from the commencement of your stay, In2thewild will take immediate action to relocate you or amend your stay.

Failure to disclose your travel will result in heavy fines.



In2thewild reserves the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time and all bookings will be subject to the latest terms.


Stay and Save Offer (Updated 16/06/22).

This offer is valid on In2thewild.co only and valid from 15/06/22 until 31/8/22.

This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer, including but limited to Stay NSW vouchers.

This offer is only valid on new bookings.