Time to Rewild

It all began in 2017. Three over-worked friends with one simple mission. Reconnect with our families in the comfort of nature.

Now, we’re a growing team of ex-corporates. Trading high-rises in for mountain ranges and leading a movement to inspire simple living across Australia.

What is rewilding?

In environmentalism, rewilding is a form of conservation and ecological restoration that has significant potential to increase biodiversity, create self-sustainable environments and mitigate climate change.

It’s a practice of allowing land to rebalance and return to its natural state, and a technique that can easily be applied to humans. The benefits of being reintroduced to the wild are abundant, from healing to developing our compassion for the natural world. The result being a happier, healthier, and more harmonious planet.

Why it’s time to rewild

In 2020 it was reported that 86% of Australia’s population is living in urban areas. While there are economic advantages to living in cities, it’s no secret that concrete jungles can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

Lounging on a beach with a cocktail can offer momentary relaxation, but we’re advocates for purpose-driven travel – experiences that genuinely enrich you and have a long-lasting impact. Truly embracing the wilderness can have transformative effects, from reawakening your inner child to rebalancing your nervous system.

As a collective, we need to stop glorifying being busy and take time to break free of the constraints of daily life for our well-being. Spending time in nature is a simple and effective way to gain perspective and clarity.

How can stepping into the wild help?

Minimalist interiors: Tiny house living serves as a stark reminder that we really don’t need much to get by. In addition, living simply has been proven to reduce stress and improve our overall mental health. For this reason, we apply a minimalist approach to our interior design so that clutter doesn’t distract you from feeling immersed in nature.

Seclusion: Our tiny houses are a showcase of simplicity in a world full of distractions, set up in secluded locations where you can indulge in uninterrupted peace. Instead of notifications and endless scrolling, you can seek serotonin from the wonders of the wild. No matter what life throws your way, a few nights under a clear canopy of stars is bound to put everything in perspective.

Perfect partners

A wild experience designed to engage your senses. Simplify your routine, immerse yourself in tranquillity and give yourself the time you need to reflect and recuperate. We have established beautiful partnerships with some of Australia’s most innovative and premium brands, and you’ll find the following at many of our locations*.

Sleep on luxurious 100% French linen from Carlotta + Gee

Drink the best Australian coffee from Melbourne roasters St Ali

Smell Vahy’s Ember Haze, a blend of smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Clean with safe, powerful, plant-based products from Koala Eco, made locally with Australian essential oils.

Laze on beautiful bohemian picnic blankets from Byron Bay’s Wandering Folk.