The Wild Chronicles

A collection of stories, guides and articles created by outdoorsy folks who love to wander on Australia’s wild side. Curated with good intentions only, here you will find ideas, inspiration, and a healthy dose of escapism. 

The Curiosities of Tiny Kya

Hidden just outside the laid-back surf town of Crescent Head, NSW is Tiny Kya. Far removed from city life, this tiny house is roughly a 6-hour drive south of…

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How to be a sustainable traveler.

It’s easy to forget all those sustainability efforts you make at home when you start that long awaited adventure. But travelling can have a big impact on the environment…

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Five Perks of Solo Travel.

Solo travel is on the rise and we can see why. Making time to reconnect with yourself and nature in the crazy hustle and bustle of life has some…

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Tiny Mowgli

Tiny guide: Tiny Mowgli

An escape into the wild isn’t just about the destination. It’s about getting on the road, supporting local Aussie communities, and finding freedom in nature. That’s why we’ve put…

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Tiny guide: Merimbula

Halfway between Melbourne and Sydney is where you’ll find Merimbula and a taste of the simple life. Its allure could be put down to the revitalising qualities of the sea air, or the picture-perfect landscape and hiking trails, however, the main draw is the impressive foodie scene. Read on for some tried and tested recommendations from the In2thewild team. 

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What to pack

Preparing for every scenerio is always tempting when packing, especially when you’re venturing into the unknown. So before you pack your life into a suitcase, remember an In2thewild escape is all about simplifying and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

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48 Hours at Tiny Pip

Between the enormous granite boulders of Tooborac, you’ll find Tiny Pip, our newest Victoria outpost. So clear your calendar for 48-hours, and take a 90-minute drive directly north of Melbourne for the ultimate off-grid experience. While there is always the option to hide away in the tiny house and do nothing, we’ve put together a brief guide to the local area in case you want to step out – we’ve factored in lots of time to relax too.

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